From Monday 20th November all new building regulations enquiries and/or applications will be routed through the Planning Portal. Registration is easy and the website is simple and intuitive to use. To register or for more information on the benefits of Planning Portal’s new online Building Regulations submission route click here. Please note that you will still have access to any applications previously submitted through the LABC Portal for a period of six months. For further information please contact the LABC team on 0207 091 6860.

By using this portal you'll be able to submit your building regulation enquiry direct to the building control team.

Those with Partnerships with LABC teams will be able to choose where to submit the enquiry and all users will have their own profile area where you'll be able to check the progress of your enquiries, upload plans and details all of which will be stored on our secure 'cloud'.

Once you’ve submitted your enquiry, the building control team will be in touch to discuss building control charges and to convert your enquiry into a substantive building regulation submission.

Additional Services.

Our specially trained surveyors are able to provide you with a whole host of additional services at a cost that reflects our not-for-profit local government ethos. Services include:-

  • Energy assessments.
  • FRACS accredited Fire Risk Assessments.
  • UKAS accredited acoustic consultancy and testing.
  • Domestic & commercial air pressure testing.
  • A range of structural warranties & much more.